We have noticed that many people seem to confuse the library with other projects of the library’s co-founders, and with other projects that are not ours. Sometimes we are even credited for the work of others. In response to the many questions we’ve received of this nature, here is the official disambiguation page.

Prelinger Library

• a print library with no moving images • available for appropriation • access is through visiting in person and online • is strictly free and not-for-profit • co-founded by Megan P. and Rick P. • since 2004 Associated Projects: Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race, 2010 Field Guide to Sponsored Films, 2006

The Internet Archive

• A major nonprofit digital library and archives holding millions of free books and films • A digitization sponsor to both the Prelinger Library and the Prelinger Archives • Rick P. serves on its board • Not otherwise connected to the Prelinger projects

Prelinger Archives

• an archives of approx. 12,000 moving images, focusing on home movies and industrial films • available for viewing, free downloading and reuse through Internet Archive • online access is free; higher-quality materials available through Getty Images • no physical research facilities • founded by Rick P. in New York in 1983
Associated Projects: Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, since 2006 Lost Landscapes of Detroit, since 2010 No More Road Trips, feature film in progress Panorama Ephemera