Periodicals Want List

The Prelinger Library seeks the following periodical and serial titles for its collection.

BACKGROUND: In order to deepen our holdings in subject areas where we actively collect, and to better serve patrons who express recurrent interest in these areas, we are looking for runs of the following serials. Regretfully, we have an insignificant acquisitions budget, but would welcome discussions with libraries or others seeking to deaccession or part with any of these titles. We are, of course, pleased to reimburse for costs of packing and shipping. In cases where reprints are available, we would also be pleased to accept them. 

We also maintain a growing collection of zines in all subject areas, including activism, culture, gender, literature, music and politics, and welcome donations of zines or other self-published material. 

We list successive titles for the same periodicals in some cases for the sake of convenience.


American Country Life Association, Proceedings

American Highways
American Survivalist
Amerika (Russian-language, pub. U.S. Information Agency)
Amerika Illustrated (Russian-language, pub. U.S. Information Agency)
Arizona Highways (pre-1970)
Broadcast Advertising
Broadcasting (1931-1939)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Bus Ride
Bus Transportation
Business Screen
Cassier’s Magazine
City Plan
Civilian Defense
Coin Machine Journal 
Communications (title published 1930s-1950s)
Community Builder
Community Murals Magazine
Display World (v. 1-33)
duPont Magazine
Earth Mover
Educational Film Magazine
Environment and Behavior
Equal Rights
Film News
Fire Engineering
FM Business
FM Radio-Electronics / FM and Television
Food Freezing
Food Industries (v. 1-5, v.24+)
Fortean Times
Frontier of Democracy
Good Roads (o.s. 1891-1912, n.s. 1932-)
Highway Magazine (v. 1-32, v. 41+)
Home Movies
Horseless Age
Hotel Management (pre-1931)
Hotel Monthly
Hotel News of the West
Housing Betterment
Irrigation Age (v. 1-5)
Journal of Forensic Sciences
Journal of Recreational Mathematics
Landscape (Santa Fe, N.M., later Berkeley, Calif.)
Landscape Journal
Law Enforcement Communications
Left Curve
Libraries and Culture
Living Wilderness
Magazine of Light
Magazine World
Manufacturing Industries
Mass Transportation
Maximum Rock and Roll
Metropolitan Transportation
Milk Plant Monthly
Modern City
Modern Industry (v. 1-10, v. 26+)
Modern Music
Modern Packaging (v. 1-10, v. 32-50)
Modern Passenger Transportation
Monsanto Magazine
Motor West
Movie Makers
Moving Picture World
Municipal Signal Engineer
Names (v. 22+)
National Bottlers Gazette
National Country Life Conference, Proceedings
National Safety News (v. 1-10)
Nevada Highways and Parks (v. 6-13)
New Roots
New Settler Interview
New Theatre
Next American City
North American Review (Boston) (v. 1-2)
Northwest Homeseeker
Office (pre-1965)
Official Aviation Guide / Official Guide of the Airways
Official World’s Fair Weekly (Chicago, 1933-34)
Ore Bin
Oregon Farmer
Outer’s Recreation
Overland Monthly (v. 1-28)
Pacific Caterer
Pacific Coast Chef
Pacific Coast Homeseeker
Pacific Factory
Pacific Fisherman
Pacific Homestead
Pacific Pathways
Pacific Road Builder and Engineering Review
Packaging Design
Philosophy Now
Plain Talk
Police Chief
Prevent World War III
Printer’s Ink (pre-1924)
Printer’s Ink Monthly (all issues)
Prison World
Progressive Grocer (v. 1-32)
Public Safety Systems
Quick Frozen Foods
Race Relations
Radio Age
Radio and Television
Radio and Television News
Radio and Television Weekly
Redbook (1940-1965)
Reel and Slide
Roadside Bulletin
Sales Management (v. 1-62, v.79+)
See America First (v. 3-6, v. 8+)
See and Hear
Sheriff and Police Reporter
Signs of the Times
Smoke : the Tobacco Journal of the West
Social Frontier
Society and Space
Soft Drinks
Soldier of Fortune
Southern Workman
Sponsor (v. 1-12)
Sunset (pre-1935)
Super Market Merchandising
Television Age
Television Engineering
Tide (v. 1-20)
Tomorrow’s Town
Town and Country Planning
Town Planning Review
Transit Journal
Visible Language
Western City
Western Highways Builder
Woman Citizen (September 13, 2011)