Full List of Periodicals

One of the strengths of the Prelinger Library is its extensive collection of periodicals, serials, magazines and zines. We concentrate on collecting titles within our areas of interest that are not available in most easily accessible libraries. Some of our more common titles are held offsite to make more room for more unusual or scarcer titles. Other magazines are held onsite because of their research value, high degree of interest, or useful content such as advertisements, illustrations and graphics. 

Following is a list of periodicals we hold, arranged by subject. This list is still in draft form and we expect to add many new titles, plus specific holdings information on each title, as we continue to organize the library. Please contact us for information on holdings and availability of specific titles. 

The Prelinger Library welcomes donations of materials that help to complete our collections of periodicals and zines in our areas of interest. 

We also hold a number of periodical indexes, including: Agriculture Index, Business Periodicals Index, 
and others. 

As of October 2012, this list contained 560 titles, but is expected to grow substantially when a revised inventory is completed.

Title List


2600: The Hacker Quarterly (complete)


Adbusters (v. 2-on, incomplete)
Advertising Agency Magazine (v. 47-51, 1954-1958)
Advertising and Selling (later Advertising Agency and Advertising and Selling) (v. 3-27, 1924-1936; v.29-32, 1937-1939; v.35-48, 1942-1955)
Advertising Arts (1933-1935)
Advertising Outdoors (v. 2, 1931)
Advocate of Peace
Aero Digest (1926-1954)
Aerial Age (v. 7-9, 1918-1919; v. 13-16, 1921-1923)
Aerologist (two volumes, 1933-35)
Afterimage (many issues 1980s, 1990s)
Agricultural Engineering (1920-27)
Air Commerce Bulletin (1930s)
Air Transport
Alaska Review (v. 1-4:1, 1963-1970)
All-Ohio Scanner Club Newsletter (later American Scannergram) (1980s-1990s)
Amateur Work (v. 1-6, 1902-1907)
Amerasia (reprint)
America At Work
American Agriculturalist (v. 34-53, roughly 1874-1893)
American Architect and Architecture (few issues)
American Builder (and Building Age) (v. 35-36, 1923-24; v. 50-102, 1930-1969)
American Building Association News (v. 38-42, 1918-1922; v. ?-?, 1930-1932)
American Business
American Cemetery
American Child (v. 1-4, 1919-1922)
American Citizen (1940-41)
American City (later American City and County) (1908-1969)
American Cooner (selected issues)
American Electric Railway
Association Proceedings
American Food Journal (v.9-18, 1914-1923)
American Forests
American Helicopter (1940s)
American Home
(v. 41, Dec. 1948-1949; v. 47, Dec. 1951-1952; v. 52, June 1954; v. 54-55, 1955-1956; v.58, 1957)
American Industries
American Journal of School Hygiene (v. 1-4, 1917-1920)
American Magazine (v.141-145, 1946-1948; v.153-162, 1952-1956)
American Motorist
American Municipalities
American Planning and Civic Association Annual
American Society for Municipal Improvements Proceedings
American Society of Planning Officials Newsletter
American Survival Guide (selected issues)
American Water Works Association Journal (v. 11-12, 1924; v.15, 1926; v.17-18, 1927; v.36, 1944; v.37-38, 1945-1946; v. 43-45, 1951-1953; v.47, 1955; v. 49, 1957)
American West (v. 1-8, 1964-1972)
Anarchy (most issues)
Another Room (late 1970s) (several issues)
Architect and Engineer, The (few issues)
Architecture (few issues)
Argonaut (San Francisco) (ca. 1890s-1930s)
Arizona Highways (selected issues)
Artforum (some issues)
Assemblage (several issues, 1990s)
Associated Advertising (1914-26)
Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA) Newsletter (probably complete set of print version)
Association of Pacific Coast Geographers, Yearbook (v. 52-65, 1990-2003)
Association of Recorded Sound Collectors (ARSC) Journal (incomplete)
Atlas (v. 1-12, 1961-1966)
Audio Engineering
Audio Visual Communication Review (v. 1-8, 1953-1960)
Audiovisual Instruction (v. 11-22, 1956-1977)
Auk, The (1886-1893, 1908-1913, 1921-1940s)
Automobile and Trailer Travel Magazine (one issue, 1938)
Avant-Garde (4 issues, 1960s-1970s)
Aviation News (1940s)
Aviation War Production (v. 1-4, 1942-1945)

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Bad Subjects
Baffler, The (no. 6-15)
Bantha Tracks
Basque Delegation in the United States (1943-44)
Bay Nature (many issues)
BBC Quarterly (few issues)
Beautiful Homes (St. Louis) (6 issues, 1910s)
Bell Laboratories Record
Bell System Technical Journal
Bell Telephone Magazine
Better Homes and Gardens (v.34, 1956; v.43, 1965; v.45-46, 1967-1968)
Better Living Booklets (v. 1-40, 1950-1955)
Bill Mahan’s Treasure World (v. 2n2, Mar-Apr 1968; v. 3n2, June-July 1969)
Bill of Rights Review (1940-42)
Birds (early volumes)
Birth Control News (v. 8-24, 1929-1946)
Birth Control Review (v. 4-11, 1920-1927, v. 14-17, 1930-33; new series v. 1-2:2, 1933-1934
Black Scholar, The (v. 1-26, 1969-1996)
Broadcasting (v. 20-97, 1941-1979)
British Interplanetary Society Journal (v.1-30, 1934-1977)
Builder (London) (ca. 1856-1916)
Building Developer (two issues, 1929)
Building Investment (few volumes)
Buildings and Building Management (v.20, 1920; v.23-24, 1923-1924)
Bulletin (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Bulletin of the American Geographical Society (v.18-v.44, 1886-1912)
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (v. 28n7; v. 29n2,5; 7-10; v. 30-32; v. 33n1-4, v. 34-39, 1978-1983)
Bus Transportation (1920s-1940s)
Business (at least a few volumes, late 1800s)
Business History (1958-1973)
Business Screen (1938-1976)

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Cabinet (many issues)
California Fish & Game (many volumes) (v. 1, 1915; v.3-49, 1917-1965; v.56-76, 1970-1990)
California Highways and Public Works ca. 1928-1976
Californian, The (v. 1-6, 1880-1882)
Camera Obscura (65% of issues)
Candy and Snack Industry (v.136-138, 1971-1973)
Candy Industry and Confectioners Journal (v. 107-135, 1957-1970)
Carpentry and Building (30 issues, 1897-1902)
Channels of Communication (v. 1-10)
Charities (later Charities and the Commons, then Survey)
Children (v. 1-8, 1954-1961)
China Today (reprint)
Chrysalis (no. 2-4, 1977)
Cine Cubano (various issues)
Cineaste (various issues, 1970-1980s)
Cinema Journal (most issues)
Cinematograph (issues 1-5)
Cinescape Insider (one issue)
City Government (1899-early 1900s)
City Planning
Civic Comment (various issues)
Co-Evolution Quarterly (later, Whole Earth Review, then Whole Earth) (issues 5-102, presently lacking a handful of issues)
Collier’s (v.122, 1948, v.128 pt.2, 1951; v.129 pt.1, 1952; v.130-133, 1952-1954)
Commercial America (v.16-28, 1919-1932; v.30-33, 1933-1937; v.36-39, 1939-1943; v.40-55, 1943-1958)
Common Ground (v. 1-8, 1940-1948)
Computers and People (v. 24-35, 1975-1986)
Computers and the Humanities
Condor, The (v.29-36, 1927-1934)
Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey, Bulletin
Connecticut Woodlands
Conservation (v. 15, 1909)
Consumer Reports (v.22-49, 1957-1984)
Consumers Cooperation
Consumers Digest (v. 1-8, 1937-1940)
Consumers Union Reports (1938-1941)
Coronet (v. 1-end)
Cottage Hearth (v.15-17, 1888-1891)
Covert Action Information Bulletin (some issues)
Crime & Delinquency (v. 21n4, 1975; v. 34n2-4, 1988; v. 40n1-2, 1994; v. 44n4, 1998; v. 47-48, 2001-2002)
Cultural Correspondence (three or four issues)

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Damage (5-6 issues, late 1970s)
Datamation (various volumes, 1968-1980)
Dearborn Independent (v. 19-27, 1919-1927)
Denver Municipal Facts
Deserts (selected issues)
Design Book Review (some issues)
Design Issues (several issues, 1980s-1990s)
Design Quarterly (v. 29-60, v. 71-150)
Designer/Builder (most issues)
Dial (v. 1-4, reprints)
Diner, The (3 issues, 1940s)
Display World (v. 33-101, 1938-1972)
Dodge City Journal (3 issues, 1990s)
duPont Magazine (ca. 1938-1950s)
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Earth First!
Economic Geography (v.1-52, 1976)
Economic Outlook (CIO) (1940-55)
Education by Radio (v. 1-11, 1934-1941)
Education for Victory (v. 1-3, 1942-1945)
Educational Film Magazine
Educational Media International (1971-1989, some issues missing)
Educational Screen (1922-1970s)
Electric Railway Journal (v. 45-75, 1915-1931)
Electrical Engineering (v. 50-61; 1931-1942, 63-65, 1944-1957; 78-79 (1959-1960)
Electrical West (v. 58-59, 1927; v. 60-69, 1928-1932; v.92-137, 1944-1970)
Electronic Industries (1942-1957), succeeded by Tele-Tech
Electronics (v. 4-12, 1932-1939; v. 17-18, 1944-1945; v. 20 pt. 2, 1947)
Electronics World (v. 62-72, 1959-1964)
Emerson’s Magazine (v. 6-7, 1858)
Engage/Social Action
Environment (v. 11-14, 1969-1972)
Equal Justice
Everybody’s Digest (Readers’ Digest clone) (an issue or two, early 1950s)
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FAA Aviation News
Face, The (8 issues, early 1980s)
Fact (v. 1-4, 1961-1967)
Factory and Industrial Management
Factory Management and Maintenance
Fantasy & Science Fiction
Farmers’ Bulletin (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (v. 7, 1938; v. 29-38, 1960-1969; v. 40-67, 1971-1998; see others
FDA Consumer
FDA Papers (v.1-13, 1967-1979)
Federal Science Progress (complete)
Felix: A Journal of Media Arts and Culture (complete)
Feminist Studies (v. 6-23, 1980-1997, lacks v. 9n2, 9n3, 22n3, 23n2, 23n3, 25n2, 25n3, 26n2, 28n3)
Field and Laboratory
Film Library Quarterly (v. 1-6, 1967-1973)
Film Music
Film World and A-V News (v. 12-21, 1956-1965)
Filmmakers Newsletter (selected issues, 1960s-1970s
Food Industries (v.6-23, 1940-1951)
Forecast (v. 29-53, 1925-1937)
Forestry and Irrigation and Conservation (v. 14, 1908)
Forestry Bulletin (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Fortune (1930-1970, almost complete, lacking several issues)
Foto-rama (few issues, 1953)
Found (two issues)
Fox, The (New York) (Nos. 1-3), held offsite (please notify in advance if needed)
Free World (v. 1-12, 1944-1946)
Frontier (v. 10-13, 1929-1933)
Frontiers (v. 12n1, v. 17n1, v. 18n3, v. 20n2-3, v. 21n1-3, v. 22n2-3,v. 23n3
Frontier Times (v. 2-5, 1924-1928)
Full Cry (Tree-dog-hunting magazine) (60% of issues, 1939-present)
Future (London) (4 issues)

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Garden and Forest (early 1900s)
Garden Cities and Town Planning (v. 12-21, 1922-1931)
Garden Magazine
Gearhead (4 issues)
General Electric Review (v. 19-58, 1916-1955) (not all vols. onsite)
Gold (v. 1-3, 1969-1971)
Good Business (Christian-oriented business magazine) (v.20-25, 1932-1934; v.28-29, 1936; v.30-33, 1937-1938; v.42-43, 1943; v.50-51, 1947; v.56-57, 1950; v.64-67, 1954-1955; v.68-69, 1956; v.70-71, 1957; v.74-75, 1959; v.76-77, 1960; v.78-79, 1961; v. 80-89, 1962-1966)
Good Government
Good Housekeeping
Good Roads
Government and Opposition (reprint)
Great God Pan
Greater New York (v. 2-15, 1913-1928; v. 27-28, 1940-1941)
Green Anarchy (few issues)
Growth and Change (v. 21-27, 1990-1996)

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Hall’s Journal of Health (v. 24-35, 1877-1888)
Harper’s Magazine (few issues, 1930s-1940s)
Harvard Design Magazine (few issues)
Here Magazine (Brooklyn)
Heresies (Jan, May, Fall 1977; Winter, Spring, Summer 1978; v. 2n3, 2n4, 1979; v3n1, 1980; v4n4, 1983)
High Country News (most issues, 2000-present)
High Points (published by the New York City Board of Education) (v. 5, 7-48, 1923-1966)
Highway Magazine
Highway Research Board Proceedings
Home and Field (two issues, 1933)
Home Building (three issues, 1928-1929)
Home Craft and Home Owner (v.23-25, 1952-1955)
Home Garden (World War II-era)
Home Garden and Flower Grower
Home Magazine (v. 4 and 35, 1854 and 1870)
Home Progress (v. 2, 4-6 (1912-1913, 1914-1917)
Homes of the West (one issue, 1937)
Hotel Management (v. 15-75, 1929-1959)
House and Garden (many issues)
House and Home (some issues)
House Beautiful (1939-1960)
Household (1950s, many loose issues)
Housewives League Magazine
Housewives Magazine (v. 8-11, 1916-1918)
Housing Betterment (1918-1921)

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Ice Cream Review (v. 40-42, 1957-1959; v.53, 1957)
I.F. Stone’s Weekly (some issues, 1950s)
Independent (Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers) (substantially complete)
Independent Woman (v. 12-35, 1933-1956, plus unbound copies v. 18-21)
Indoors and Out (v. 1-4, 1905-1907)
Industrial Design (ID) (v. 6-20, v. 26, v. 28-30#4)
Industrial Education (v. 24-41, 1922-1939) (stored offsite)
Industrial Management (v. 52-74, 1916-1927)
Industrial Marketing (ca. 1947-1970)
Industrial Psychology
Industrial Unionist
Industry and Power
Inland Printer (1894-1958)
Installment Retailing (v.1-2, 1952-1954)
International Review of Educational Cinematography (v. 1-5, 1929-1953)
International Socialist Review (1900s)
Irrigation Age (v.6-32, 1894-1917)

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Jazz Journal
Journal of Aesthetics and Protest (#1 and #3)
Journal of American Names Society (v.1-21, 1953-1973)
Journal of Broadcasting (v. 1-42, 1956-1998)
Journal of Farm Economics
Journal of Film Preservation (two years, 1990s)
Journal of Forestry (long run) (v.66-71, 1968-1973)
Journal of Hate Studies (v. 1:1, 2002)
Journal of Home Economics (v. 1-86:2, 1909-1993)
Journal of Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology
Journal of Nursery Education (v. 1-14, 1945-1959)
Journal of Property Management
Journal of School Health (v. 22-23, 1952-1953)
Journal of the American Institute of Planners
Journal of the American Waterworks Association ( v.13-14, 1925; v.16, 1926)
Journal of the Association for Education by Radio and Television (AERT) (v. 5-16, 1945-1957)
Journal of the Outdoor Life (on tuberculosis treatment) (v. 10-12, 1913-1915; v. 14 (1917)
Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (1920s-1980s)
Jump Cut (early issues)

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Keith’s Beautiful Homes (v.55-65, 1926-1931)
Keith’s Magazine on Home Building
Ken (complete)
Kinopraxis (only issue published)

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Labor Age
Lamp, The  (Standard Oil of New York and New Jersey publication)
Land and Freedom (v. 26-41, 1926-1941)
Land: Today and Tomorrow (all issues)
Landscape (v. 1-32n2, 1951-1994, lacking v. 20n4, v. 21-22, v. 23n3, v. 31n1; seeking original v. 1-10)
Landscape Journal (1 issue, 1997)
Law Enforcement News (10 issues, 1999)
Lay of the Land, The (published by the Center for Land Use Interpretation)

Left Curve (some early issues)
Liberator (v.1-11, 1961-1971)
Libertarian, The (zv. 3-6, 1924-1926)
Life (1936-73, complete run)
Log of Long-Bell (1952-65)
Look (later volumes, ca. 1958-72)
Loud Paper (3 issues, 2000s)

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Machinery (approx. 1912-1930)
Mademoiselle’s Living for Young Homemakers (early 1950s-1961)
Magazine of American History
Magazine of Business
Make (complete)
Maximum Rock and Roll (some issues)
Mechanix Illustrated (many issues, 1940s-1960s)
Media and Methods (1970-1979; 1982-1987; 1989)
Melody Maker (some issues, late 1970s)
Mentor World Traveler (one volume, perhaps all published)
Merry’s Museum (1843-1846, 1849-1850, 1852, 1858-1868)
Metropolis (many issues, 1986-1990s)
Mexican Art and Life (no. 1-7, 1938-1939)
Mexican Review (v. 1-5, 1917-1922)
Mid East (v. 7-10, 1967-1970)
Midwest Folklore (v.1-13, 1951-1964)
Militant, The (reprint of very early volumes)
Mill and Factory
Missiles and Rockets (v. 1, 1956; v. 3-18, 1958-1966)
Modern Builder (1940s-1970)
Modern Cemetery (v.2-4, 1892-1893; v.43-45, 1933-1936, v.47-48, 1937-1939; v.55-61, 1946-1951)
Modern Highway (one issue, 1957)
Modern Industry
Modern Lithography
Modern Mechanics (became World’s Advances) (v. 30-31, 1915)
Modern Music (v. 3-13, 1925-1936, v. 16-23, 1938-1946)
Modern Packaging (v. 11-31, 1937-1958)
Modern Plastics
Monitoring Times (complete through 2008)
Monthly Weather Review (ca. 1898-1909)
Mother Earth Bulletin
Moving Image, The (Association of Moving Image Archivists journal) (complete)
Moving Image Review (Northeast Historic Film) (substantially complete)
Ms. (v. 1-18, 1972-1989; n.s. v. 1-6, 1990-1996; v. 7n1-n4, 1997)
Municipal and County Engineering (v. 16, 1904; v.28, 1910; v. 43-48, 1917-1918; v.55-59, 1918-1920; v.60-70, 1921-1926)
Municipal Engineering (v.42-44, 1912-1913; v.46-48, 1914-1915; v.48-54, 1915-1918)
Municipal Journal (v.13-14, 1902-1903; v.17, 1904; v.22, 1907; v.24, 1908; v.25, 1908; v. 29, 1910; v.31, 1911; v.32, 1912; v.33, 1912; v.35, 1913; v.37, 1914; v.38, 1915; v. 41-42, 1916-1917; v.45, 1918; v.46-47, 1919)
Municipal News (v.73-74, 1927-1928)
Municipal Research
Murder Can Be Fun (complete)

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Names (Journal of the American Names Society)
Nation’s Business
Nation’s Heritage (complete)
National Association of Educational Broadcasters Journal
National Board of Review Magazine
National Builder (v.63-67, 1920-1924)
National Magazine (v. 2-46, roughly 1895-1933)
National Quarterly Review (v. 2-7, 1860-1863; v. 11-12, 1865-1866)
National Real Estate and Building Journal
National Safety News (1926-70)
National Treasure Hunters League (v. 3n1, Feb. 1972)
National Wildlife (v.1-19; 1962-1981)
Nature Study Review (v. 1, 1905, v.3, Jan. Dec. 1907)
Negro Digest (ca. 1943-1970, succeeded by Black World)
Nevada Highways and Parks (v. 1-5, 1936-1940; v. 14-35:2, 1954-1975)
New England Waterworks Association ( v. 1-15, 1899-1900; v.18-19, 1904-1905; v.26-27, 1912-1913)
New Musical Express (some issues, late 1970s)
New Nation (reprint)
New Reclamation Era
New Times (most volumes, 1970s)
New York Rocker (some issues)
Nidologist (v. 1-4, 1894-1897)
North American Review (v. 3-248, 1816-1939) (has been scanned; physical copies held offsite)
Northeast Scanning News (through 1994)
Nuclear Power (U.K.) (1961)
Nucleonics (v.7, 1950; v.10-17, 1950-1959; v.18, 1960; v. 19, 1961)

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Oakwood Village Record (Oakwood, near Dayton, Ohio) (v. 1-2, 1912-1913)
Occupations (v. 12n1, 4-8, 10, 1933-1934; v. 13n2, 3, 5, 7-9, 1934-1935)
October (issues 2-100)
Official Guide of the Railways (4 issues, 1940s-1968, plus 1868 reprint)
Official U.S. Bulletin (U.S. Committee on Public Information, World War I)
Old and New (v. 1-11, 1870-1875)
Old West (Fall and Winter 1964; 1965-66; 1967 (lacking Winter); Fall 1969; Fall 1970; Fall 1971)
Omni (some issues)
Oregon Historical Quarterly
Ornithologist and Oologist (v. 10-11, 1885-1886); v. 15-18 (1890-1893)
Our Public Lands (v. 1-25, 1951-1975)
Our Young Folks (v. 1-9, 1865-1873)
Overland Monthly
Oystercatcher (one issue)

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Pacific Affairs (v. 1 part, 1928; v. 2-7, 1929-1934; v. 8 lacking 8:2, 1935; v. 9-17, 1936-1944; v. 18 lacking 18:3, 1945; v. 19-24, 1946-1951)
Pageant (few issues, 1950s-1960s)
Parent’s Magazine (v. 5-48, 1930-1973), dupe v. 24
Park and Cemetery (v. 5-22, 1895-1913)
Park and Cemetery and Landscape Gardening (v.23-25, 1913-1916; v.27-41, 1917-1932)
Park and Cemetery and Modern Cemetery (v.42, 1932 – 1933)
Party Organizer (reprint)
Patent and Trademark Journal of Research and Education
Permanent Builder (v.14-15, 1922; v.18-19, 1924)
Photo (single issue, 1952)
Photo-Era Magazine (several volumes)
Photo Methods for Industry (PMI) (selected issues only)
Phrenological Journal (v. 54, 1872; v. 57, 1873)
Physical Culture (ca. 1900-1930s)
Place (vols. 1-2)
Planning and Civic Comment (v.1-30, 1935-1965)
Plastique (no. 1-5, 1937-1939) (reprint)
Playground (became Recreation)
Popular Communications (many issues)
Popular Home (some loose issues, 1950s)
Popular Home Craft
Popular Mechanics (many issues, 1940s-1960s)
Popular Science (many issues, 1940s-1960s)
Practical Home Economics (v.2-7, 1956-1962, v.19-26, 1942-1948, v.48, 1950; v. 30-34, 1952-1956)
Practicing Planner (3 issues, 1976)
Printer’s Ink (complete 1924-1967, some earlier volumes also held)
Probe (some issues)
Processed World (complete)
Progressive Grocer
Psychotronic (most issues)
Public Art Review
Public Domain (two issues)
Public Ownership
Public Roads
Public Works
Punk Planet

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QU (issue 1)
Quick Frozen Foods (1958-1970)

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Race Traitor
Radio Age (v. 2-16, 1942-1957)
Radio and Television News (v. 41-61, 1949-1959), later Electronics World
Radio Broadcast (1920s)
Radio Life (Japan)
Radio News (v. 31-40, 1944-1948), later Radio and Television News
Radio-Electronics (v. 28-38, 1957-1967)
Ramparts (v. 1-12, 1962-1975)
RCA Review (v. 1-13, 1936-1954)
RCMA [Radio Communications Monitoring Association] Newsletter (1975-1996, complete)
Re-Search (all periodical issues)
Reader’s Digest
Real Estate (San Francisco) (1 issue, 1912)
Realist, The (some issues, 1970s)
Reclamation Era
Recreation (originally Playground)
Report from the Star Wars Generation (one issue)
Retail Lumberman (v.17-66, 1924-1973)
Restaurant Management (v. 26, Jan.-June 1930; v.48-89, 1941-1961)
Right of Way
Roads and Streets
Roadside Bulletin
Route 66 Magazine
Rural Sociology

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Safety Education (v. 24-34, 1944-1955; v. 42-44, 1963-1965)
Safety Engineering (v. 83-100, 1942-1950)
Safety Maintenance and Production (v. 101-112, 1951-1956)
Saint Nicholas (incomplete set)
Sales Management (v. 62-103, 1949-1969)
SAM (Stills Audio Motion) (London) (complete, 2000s)
San Francisco Chronicle (1915 only, restricted use due to fragility)
Sanitary Engineer
SCAN (1980s)
Scanlan’s (one issue, 1971)
Schism (v. 1-8, 1969-1978)
Sci-Fi Universe (one issue)
Science and Mechanics (many issues, 1950s-1960s)
Science and the Citizen
Science Digest
Science Illustrated (certain issues)
Science News Letter
Screen (London) (ca. 1972-1982)
Search and Destroy (complete)
See America First (1910s-1920s, 3 volumes)
See and Hear (some volumes missing)
Semiotext(e) (most issues)
Service (The Technical Journal of the Television-Radio Trade) (1956-57)
Sexology (v. 19n6, 1953; v. 20n3, 1953)
Shell Progress (1942-60)
Small Home, The (v. 2-12, 1923-1932)
Small Homes Guide (aka Small Homes Builders Yearbook) (about half of issues published)
Social Frontier (v. 2-5, 1936-1939)
Soldier of Fortune (selected issues)
Southern Exposure (approx. 15 issues)
Soviet Review
Soviet Woman 1963, 1967 no. 9, 1968-1971, 1978 lacking no. 5, 1979-1980, 1981 lacking no. 8)
Space World (v. 1, May 1960 – Nov. 1961; v. 2-4, Dec. 1961-March 1963; v.A. 1964; v.B, 1965; v.C, 1966; v.D 1967; v.E 1968; v.F-N 1969-1977)
Specialty Salesman (v. 53-55, 1964-1966)
Sponsor (v. 13-22, 1959-1968)
Spring 3100 (New York City Police Department magazine) (v. 14, March 1943 – Feb. 1944; v. 21, 1950; v. 23, 1952)
Star Wars collection (general-interest periodicals)
Star Wars Insider (19 issues)
Stay Free!
Sub-Stance (several issues)
Suburban Life
Suniland: The magazine of Florida (2 issues, 1920s)
Survey (complete)
Survey Graphic (complete)
Survival (selected issues)
System (v. 17-37, 1910-1913; v.38-53, 1920-1928)

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Technical Bulletin (U.S. Department of Agriculture)
Tele-Tech (1947-56)
Television (v. 1-25, 1944-1968)
Television and Radio Engineering (1957)
Terra Nova (four issues, 1990s)
Thresholds (MIT)
Through the Ages
Tide (v. 21-33, 1947-1959)
Today’s Office (v. 20, 1985-1986)
Today’s Secretary (v. 53-84, 1950-1982, lacking v. 54 and 57)
Toward Revolutionary Art (early issues)
Traffic Engineering
Traffic Quarterly
Traffic Safety (v. 56-73, 1960-1973)
Trail-R-News Magazine (1 issue, 1957)
Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers (v. 78-106, 1915-1941)
Transit Journal
Transmitter (C&P Telephone employee magazine, 1930s)
Travelers Standard (published by Travelers Insurance Company)
True West (1965-1968; 1969 (lacking Oct. and Dec.); 1970; Apr. and Dec. 1972)
TV Forecast (most issues, 1948-53)
TV Guide (1953-2009)
TV in the Blue Grass (1950s) (Kentucky local television guide)

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U.S. Hygienic Laboratory Bulletin
U.S. Public Health Service Bulletin (1900s-1910s)
Unpopular Review (v. 1-15, 1914-1922)
Up From Under (v. 1n5, 1973)
Urban Land (v.2-3, 1943-1944; v.11-16, 1952-1957 (incomplete); v. 22-26, 1963-1967 (inc.); v. 27-36, 1971-1977 (inc.); v. 44, 1985; v.45-49, 1990)

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VH 101 (1 issue, 1972) (held offsite)
VHF-UHF Digest (radio monitoring) (selected issues, 1980s)
Visible Language (some volumes)
Vocations for Social Change (no. 19, 1970; no. 23, 1971; no. 28, 1972)

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Water Works and Sewerage (later Water and Sewage Works) (v.75-79, 1928-1932; v.80, 1933, v.82-84, 1935-1937; v.88-v.89, 1941-1942; v. 92-1945; v.95, 1948; v.97-98, 1950-1951; v. 102-103, 1955-1956)
Water Works Engineering
Weekly Review
West At Work
West, The (v. 11 n1, June 1969; v. 12 n1, Dec. 1969; v. 12, n3, Feb. 1970, v. 12 n6, May 1970)
Western Engineer (few volumes)
Wet (Los Angeles) (some issues, late 1970s)
Whisper (volume from 1957)
Whole Earth Catalog (some issues, 1969-1974)
Wide Angle (several dozen issues)
Wild Earth
Wildlife Rehabilitation, Journal of (v.19-28, 2001-2010)
Wildlife Review (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)
Wired (v. 1-present, 1993-)
Woman’s Day (1951 only)
Women: A Journal of Liberation (v. 3n2, 1972; v. 4n2, 1975)
Women and Film (early issues)
World Tomorrow (v. 7, 1944)

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You Are Here: The Journal of Creative Geography (University of Arizona) (most issues)
Your Home Planner (various issues, 1950s)
Your Life (several issues, 1939-1945)

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Zone (no. 1)

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