Action in the Stacks! Klooj w/ Si-si D Saturday, June 15, at 7:30 p.m.

Action in the Stacks
Klooj w/ Si-si D
Saturday, June 15, doors 7 p.m., performance begins at 7:30 p.m.
Prelinger Library
301 8th St, Suite 215
San Francisco, CA 94103

Electronic duo Klooj and Si-si Dance & Performance Art Project (Si-si D) present another episode in their allegorical composition series, Action in the Stacks—collisions of sound, action, spoken word, and location… in places with books. This composition explores the tension between storytelling and improvisation through choreographed per­formance and sonic events that vary depending on location. Drawing Out the Muse: Ce­cilia is Wondering is inspired by the mysterious, open-ended pursuit of creative knowl­edge as manifested by the Prelinger Library.

Thom Blum has been composing electroacoustic music since 1972. His early teachers were James Tenney, Ingram Marshall, and Curtis Roads. Recent performances and in­stallations include tabula rasa (reset) (2018) performed at the 2018 San Francisco Tape Music Festival, “Sound Portraits” (aural renderings of 18th C. Indian paintings), for the San Francisco Asian Art Museum (2015), the 2015 ISMIR Conference (concert) in M‡laga, Spain, the Hörlursfestival, in Solleftea, Sweden (2015), and the 2016 San Francisco Tape Music Festival. He is co-founder of the International Computer Music Association and a member of the six-person San Francisco Tape Music Collective

Charles Kremenak is a media artist who’s been experimenting with sound and story­telling since the 1980’s. His subject matter has included memory, synesthesia, surveillance, acoustic ecology, and the body as listening instrument. He first met Janet Silk in the early 90’s through their performance art-work with Ian Pollock. Col­laboration with Thom Blum began in 2007, with the live performance cinema ensemble Epic[abridged]. Their work together over the years has involved use of noise, acousmatic sound, ambient drone, free-jazz, and post-digital elements. Their current sound project Klooj explores deeper relationships within site specific location and history. @charkrem on Instagram

Janet Silk is the founder, Artistic Director, and Choreographer for Si-si Dance & Per­formance Art Project (Si-si D) which was launched in 2014. Si-si D is Silk’s conceptual framework for exploring the intersections between dance, performance, and experimen­tal art. Si-si D’s performances have been inspired by somatic movement practices, Situationist theories of dérive and psychogeography, street art, goth/industrial/black metal music and culture, and butoh dance, especially the work of Kazuo Ohno. In 2018, she began a collaboration with the electronic band Klooj on Action in the Stacks, an allegori­cal composition to be performed in settings with books.