Coming up: June and July in the library

June this year is a regular six-day month in the library, with founder-hosted Wednesdays as always, plus 2nd and 4th Saturdays (13th & 27th) hosted by Charlie Macquarie and sponsored by the Greenhorns. (A new expansion of public open hours that started in February.)

July has additional expanded hours, with the quarterly return of Research Honeymoon hours hosted by Adrianne and Bryan (who anchored the library last August). This quarterly event falls on Sunday the 12th of July, which is helpful since Charlie’s 2nd Saturday on the 11th is CANCELED. That 2nd weekend, the library will be open SUNDAY the 12th of July, in addition to regular Wednesdays and Saturday the 25th. More about July: There are five Wednesdays that month, and while the 1st will be founder-hosted, Wednesdays for the rest of the month will be guest-hosted by rotating teams of library experts, artists, and book conservationists.