COVID-19 Update for April: Remote research requests are welcome [CLOSED FOR THE DURATION]

Hi everyone, from Megan & Rick Prelinger, co-founders:

  1. We will remain closed in compliance with the statewide mandate for as long as it pertains. Our focus right now is on the social crisis around us. The Library is closed for the duration of “shelter in place,” and our goal now, after staying healthy, is to serve as part of a mutual aid network for neighbors, friends, family, and the greater Library community. We do welcome remote research queries as this message offers, but the social crisis created by COVID-19 related situations currently eclipses most other concerns. The Library is funded through the year and stands ready to reopen on a day’s notice when public health wisdom indicates. Til then, we are ever-eager to help people with research. We library co-founders and hosts have many resources at our fingertips and in our brains that are capable of helping other people remotely. Thanks, everybody!

    Send us an email at to open a conversation about a line of research, and we’ll see how we can help you.

  2. Place Talks, previously scheduled for Thursday March 19, has been postponed. We will reschedule for a time *hopefully* later this spring. Thank you to our speakers (Jonah and Connie and Sarah-Dawn) for their flexibility. —Nicole and Charlie
  3. Place Talks open hours on 3/15 has been cancelled.
  4. The April 5th art event (announced in the March newsletter), has been postponed and will be rescheduled when things calm down.
  5. We still believe that libraries should be the last institutions standing to serve the public in times of crisis. Our policy up to March 14 has been: Cleaning all hard surfaces thoroughly with bleach twice daily (on open days), requiring hand-washing, and maintaining social distance. We hope to return to that policy in April.