Cross-promotions: some Fall program offerings to know about

The San Francisco Electronic Music Festival is coming right up, September 13 through 15. Don’t miss it if you like that sort of thing. This is avant-garde electronic music.

The Living Room Light Exchange (LRLX) “is a monthly salon dedicated to new media art forms and dialogues that meets in rotating living rooms. In each ‘season’ of LRLX, we hold monthly salons where we curate three artists or cultural producers who present recent work. Engaged discussions and dialogue with attendees follows.” The new season begins Tuesday, September 17.

Shaping San Francisco offers a full calendar of public talks, walks, and bike rides exploring all aspects of social justice-informed history and landscape studies of the Bay Area. The public talks started on August 28 and continue with two talks per month throughout the fall: Download a PDF of the calendar here. The talks and walks are the leading face of a deep organization that includes FoundSF, a digital archive of San Francisco history, one of the earliest community-based digital archives. We only wish the talks weren’t Wednesday nights!

The California Native Plant Society has chapters in both the East Bay and SF/Marin. Both have public talk series; the East Bay talk chapter event calendar is here, and the San Francisco (Yerba Buena chapter) event calendar is here.