Library update: November 18

Hello everyone,

With the rapidly changing restrictions this week, we are holding back from posting public appointments for December. At the end of Thanksgiving week, if indoor cultural spaces are still permitted (with 25% managed capacity, etc.), then we will post public appointments on Wednesdays and Sundays in December.

So far reopening has gone smoothly, with a half-dozen researchers using the space over these first three weeks. Our managed-capacity strategy seems to be working. We are keeping the room to no more than 5 people at a time, and typically it’s fewer than that. With improved air circulation and newly spatialized seating areas the Library is well set up for socially-distanced, COVID-safe use.

Following four months of work by Jay, Rick, and myself, the Library has been 75% unshelved, washed, and reshelved in better order and with better organization and accessibility. Revised Library Guides can be downloaded here.

On behalf of Jay, Rick, and myself, THANK YOU to those who are booking appointments. We wish everyone some measure of peace of mind during this difficult season. Whether you find your peace of mind in a garden or a library or a bread bowl or a picket line or all four of these, we are with you in the long arc of history that WILL bend toward justice. The collections are here to serve.
— Megan