Visual Poetry Workshop

Thursday the 7th, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m., filmmaker and poet Amy Bergstein will convene a Visual Poem Workshop that cross-pollinates poetry with visual art. All are welcome, please join!

The departure point for the workshop is a poem. Ideally, the poem is by a contemporary Bay Area poet who can be there to recite the poem and participate in the workshop… details to be confirmed. Each participant will be assigned a section of the poem and will then create a collage from library materials guided by the mood and spirit of the poetry passage they’ve been assigned on one of the sections of paper. At the end, the group will come together to assemble the pieces into a visual transcription of the poem that was read at the beginning of the workshop.

nota bene: Well, that was an experiment: To avoid overcrowding by asking people to RSVP (as posted in this space for about 10 days leading up to the day of the event). It’s an experiment we probably won’t repeat, since no one RSVP’d! No problem! We were just trying it out. But that leaves us wondering how many will come at all, so please, …. just come if you’d like!