December Community Newsletter

In this newsletter:
Four Events by Library co-founder Rick Prelinger are happening in December, as are some special Library hours. Then in January: an artist event, special hours, and Place Talks

The email version of this newsletter omitted Place Talks, for which we apologize. January 16 Place Talks features Lily Sloane, and ex-Library artist-in-residence Tamara Porras who presents her visual history of recent eclipses. Onward, to the rest of the Newsletter:

First, November in brief review
When the rains began, the Library was lucky to have quick-witted and conservation-skilled James G. in residence (below), who addressed a ceiling leak in real time and protected the topographic maps. Putting fresh paint onto the motto that “we are all making the Library happen together.” … Visting historian from México Alfredo Cruz capped November with several days’ worth of research to support his lines of inquiry into the history of art and technology. … Speaking of “we are all making the Library happen…”: Jay Bartguy hosted short-notice supplemental appointment hours to support Alfredo’s research. New resident artist James G. is installed with a painting studio in the back of the room, and is adding a portrait series of cigarette-smoking men (shades of the X-Files) and other figures to the guestbook. In November the Library hosted two university class field trips and a surge of public engagement.

On to December! … all of RP’s events are off-site, and are “Library-associated” events rather than “Library events” in the usual sense of at the Library

Saturday December 7, RP presents a performative slideshow about his work interpreting QSL Cards (Radio Ham exchange cards) at Other Cinema in a program that features several other interesting works, and we look forward to seeing Library friend Walter Forsberg (we think: the cryptic postcards sender!) who will be in from México.

IN the Library: there are Saturday public hours that day hosted by Monica, followed on Sunday by Quarterly Sunday hours hosted by longstanding core community members Adrianne & Bryan, whose quarterly Sundays particularly serve media makers.

Tuesday and Wednesday December 10 and 11, Lost Landscapes of San Francisco (RP’s film series) returns to the Castro Theatre in the long-running collaboration with the Long Now Foundation. Please join us, if possible on Wednesday the 11th which is “Library night,” meaning that the evening celebrates the Library. Patron Tickets to both nights benefit the Library, but the Tuesday night show is thematized as the Long Now holiday party for its members.

Friday the 13th is Carolee’s only Friday in December due to the holiday week closure. When not in the Library Carolee can be found at Alley Cat Books hosting hours and also hosting her quarterly Crone Circle / Mxpause project.

Hold onto your hats, RP is on the move: Sunday, December 14, in a 2 p.m. matinee, RP presents a new edition of Lost Landscapes of Los Angeles in Los Angeles, in a presentation with the Los Angeles Public Library – Photo Collection. With co-emcee Snowden Becker! Location: Mark Taper Auditorium, 659 West 5th Street. Tell your LA-based friends & associates.

Coming in January:
January 1 is a Wednesday, and the co-founders are hosting semi-special public hours with hospitality and extra New Year’s cheer.

Place Talks returns, Thursday the 16th!

Evening Event! Sunday, January 19
Lacey + Shay present the fruits of their arts / research residency!
More details in the January newsletter.

Further out:
The next Wikimedia editathon will happen on February 9th

The December calendar of public hours is made possible by Jay, Monica, Carolee, Adrianne, Bryan, and MSP and RP