January News & Event Details!

January, 2020 Library News and Event Details!

Place Talks resumes! Thursday, January 16
We are delighted that January’s Place Talks features both Lily Sloane and ex-Library A-I-R Tamara Porras, presenting her visual interpretive research on the history & future of three solar eclipses! doors 5 p.m., event at 7. Seating fills by 6:45.

Evening Artist in Residence Event: “Quantifying Clouds” Sunday, January 19, doors 7 p.m., event at 7:30
Lacey Johnson presents, with Shay, the fruits of their Library residency in Quantifying Clouds, “a visual, auditory, and interactive exploration of the materiality and infrastructure of the Internet. Did you know that there is enough copper cabling in the Internet to reach from Earth almost to Neptune? Or how much energy it takes to stream your Netflix show? Come to the talk and find out these facts and more.”

Off-site: RP’s Lost Landscapes of San Francisco 14 repeats January 24 at Internet Archive (300 Funston street, in the Richmond district of SF), as a benefit for that close ally organization. Link to tickets and details here.

Cross-promotions: Other close ally organizations are the Living Room Light Exchange and the Tape Music Festival: Both share some creative / inspirational DNA with the Library, and both have public events in January:
The Tape Music Festival is coming up January 10, 11, and 12,
And the 2020 Living Room Light Exchange January event is on the 21st: https://www.livingroomlightexchange.com/

Ahead in February: On the 9th, a Wikimedia editathon for Black History Month, Information and registration here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/San_Francisco/Black_History_Month_Wiki-a-thon_at_Prelinger_Library#RSVP

Residence Program Update for 2020
The powerhouse archivist, librarian, activist, writer, and artist Eira Tansey (https://eiratansey.com/about/) is headed our way in May 2020 to spend up to three weeks in residence on research “related to archives, geospatial data, and climate change,” (to pull 8 words out of a detailed proposal). Everyone: We are looking for help arranging temporary housing for Eira during May. If anyone has a spare room in the urban bay area to share for any part of this time, please let us know. Some housing is already on offer; we are looking for collaborators. We believe that the library community can come together to house her during her visit. (She will be traveling from Cincinnati). She is good company!

More residencies are in the works, and more news will follow in the February newsletter. We do have space later in 2020 for new Residencies, so please help us get the word out especially to artists from under-represented communities and everyone / anyone engaged in research-based forms of practice who might not otherwise be part of networks that channel them to our door.