February 2019 Library News

February Library Events

Library-related event: KADIST Foundation for the Arts is borrowing pages from Norm Therkelson’s clippings books on Redevelopment in San Francisco to support the exhibition Here We Live There is an opening event on Wednesday the 13th (at KADIST)

Place Talks continues on Thursday the 14th with talks by Jenny Odell and Livia Foldes!

Sunday February 17: Wiki-a-Thon in the Library! (noon to 5) Hosted to Niki Korth! This event “brings together curious knowledge and cultural workers to create and improve Wikipedia articles and enrich other Wikimedia projects” This event is open to all but RSVP is requested (click here).

The evening of February 28 the Library will host an event to celebrate the publication of the 3rd volume of The Encyclopedia Project, co-edited by longtime Library friend Miranda Mellis…. [https://publicationstudio.biz/books/encyclopedia-project-vol-3/].
The existing volumes of this project are shelved adjacent to Art + Politics in Row 3. From the project description:
“The Encyclopedia Project is a groundbreaking literary and visual experience in three volumes, spanning A-Z, featuring experimental prose and visual art by hundreds of contributors. Each volume is a hybrid of the reference book, literary journal and art book. Publication Studio Hudson is proud to bring forth the long-awaited final installment in the Encyclopedia Project series, in which editors Katie Aymar, Tisa Bryant and Miranda Mellis present over 200 entries by more than 100 writers and artists, …” (see the Publications Studio website for more detail)